Rise2Shine Ministries

The foundation Rise2Shine was established in 2009 in the Netherlands, with the name “Stichting ZODY.” Zody is a conjunction of the names Cody (Irish, meaning ‘to help’) and Zoe (Greek, meaning ‘live’). In 2010 the focus of the organization became the slums next to the garbage dump of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. There Rise2Shine sustains the work of Frank and Rita Stout, who work among the most poor Roma/gypsy children and teenagers. In the summer of 2018 the name of Zody changed to ‘Rise2Shine,’ because this new name connects better with our vision: that a new generation rises up and shines the Light of Jesus Christ.

At the Dutch section, you can find the financial plans, official vision and activity reports, as required by Dutch law.


Rise2Shine boardmembers:
M.J. Stout, Zwijndrecht (President)
Q.J. Stout, Voorburg (Secretar)
J.F. Otten, Dongen (Treasurer)
R. van Noort, Zwijndrecht (Member)

Rise2Shine Ministries
Narcisstraat 39
3333 GX Zwijndrecht
The Netherlands

Rise2Shine Ministries:

IBAN/SEPA: NL14RABO0156177854


BANK: Rabobank